Caroline guestactor for Nachtgasten London

From september 22 until september 24, the well known and well respected theatre company Nachtgasten will have their London debut in the Space Theatre, South London. On september 23, Caroline will be one of the guest actors during their show in the Space Theatre. 

It's every's performer's nightmare; coming onstage before learning your lines,  no idea what might happen, alongside fellow cast members you've never met before. But this ultimate test of acting ability is a nightmare you don't want to miss. It's the formula of Nachtgasten (Nightguests), theatre improv's big hit from the Netherlands. Every evening will be unique, with a different story, different actors, and a different outcome. 

Niels Croiset, Koen Wouterse and Yorick Zwart have delighted Nachtgasten audiences for over five years, and have performed in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Now, for the first time at the Space, they bring their unique brand of improvisation to London. 

''... A level rarely seen even in the most skilled improvisers. Hats off! '' - Impro News. 

On sept 23rd Caroline will be one of the guest actors for Nachtgasten, in the play called 'Brothers'. The other actors this evening include:

David Wayman

Stephen Bradley

Yorick de Zwart 

For tickets or more info; please go to the website of the space or nachtgasten:

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