Antigone of the International Theatre in English

Caroline will play the leading role of Antigone in the second production of the International Theatre in English; Antigone. 


"What would people be willing to do if you gave them permission to?"


The second oldest classical play of theatre history; Antigone by Sophocles remains relevant in our modern times. it challenges the audience to think of answers to questions about the position of the individual within the society, the empowerment of women, loyalty and love. 


Antigone; daughter of the doomed King Oedipus, defies the orders of the State's ruler, Creon, and buries her brother Polynikis. Her act of love and rebellion triggers a sequence of dramatic events surrounding hers and Creon's unbending stances. But it is Antigone's courage, bravery and faith in love that touches us the most. After all, as her own sister conformingly tells her, 'You ought to realize we are only women, not meant in nature to fight against men'. 


Antigone is the second production by iTie - The International Theatre in English, part of the Stichting Theodora Voutsa Productions. Performed by a cast of 30 international artists, it is a multidisciplinary production that pays homage to all the women who once dared to be a girl. 


Directed by: Theodora Voutsa

Adaptation by: Cintia Taylor

Choreography by: Melanja Palitta



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