Hoofdrol in nieuwe dramaserie van RTL Concentrate: NEXT

NEXT! Zeven vrienden, zeven problemen en heftige geheimen... 


Caroline speelt de rol van Femke. Femke heeft een lastige thuissituatie. Ze heeft een slechte band met haar moeder, die haar veroordeelt om haar levensstijl en haar vader is ernstig ziek. Ze probeert een weg te vinden om hier mee om te gaan, en gelukkig kan ze bouwen op haar beste vriendinnen Saba en Mel, en haar vriend Jeroen.  Samen staan ze sterk en ze weet dat ze altijd op haar vriendje kan terugvallen. Maar hoeveel kan ze nog verdragen wanneer alles in een keer in elkaar lijkt te storten? Vanaf 30 maart elke zondag om 16.30 te zien op Velvet Concentrate. 



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Review Antigone

Antigone review from greekpress


"At the beginning, in the background of the stage was projected a video loop of a washing machine. I was worried. I have been burned by 'innovative' performances in the past ...All concerns faded away from the first minutes after the third bell. All impeccable. For an hour and a half we watched the perfect interpretation of Antigone... even though it was in English.

Wonderful the three main actors. The Nigerian Lolu Ajayii showed that black actors can play more than Othello. Juggling between psychotic dictator, tragic father and fragile son, Lolu Ajayi gave a new perspective on one of the most interesting characters of ancient drama.

In the role of Ismini, the French Amélie Onzon, the frightened teenager who can not change the mind of her sister when she decides to break the human laws can not infringe those of the gods, but in the end she emulates heroism.

And top of all, Antigone, the beautiful Caroline Bech who stole the show with ease. Riveting of each syllable, each expression of her face and every movement of her perfect body.It was the third time I saw Antigone in the theater and I dare say it was by far the best. Even though it was in English. And Antigone became "Antaigkoni" and Polinikis "Polynaikis".




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Caroline gastacteur bij TG Nachtgasten!

Aankomende dinsdag zal Caroline een van de gastacteurs zijn van TG Nachtgasten, samen met Sieger Sloot, Ronald Top en Koen Wouterse. Het is de tweede keer dat ze mee speelt met TG Nachtgasten, ditmaal in Theater Orpheus in Apeldoorn. 


Datum: dinsdag 1 maart, om 20.00 uur

Adres: Theater Orpheus, Apeldoorn

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Antigone completely sold out

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Interview Antigone op Breakfast Radio

Caroline and colleague Lolu Ajayi were guests at the English Breakfast Radio, during the Pat Camporale Show, to talk about upcoming show Antigone. 


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Antigone of the International Theatre in English

Caroline will play the leading role of Antigone in the second production of the International Theatre in English; Antigone. 


"What would people be willing to do if you gave them permission to?"


The second oldest classical play of theatre history; Antigone by Sophocles remains relevant in our modern times. it challenges the audience to think of answers to questions about the position of the individual within the society, the empowerment of women, loyalty and love. 


Antigone; daughter of the doomed King Oedipus, defies the orders of the State's ruler, Creon, and buries her brother Polynikis. Her act of love and rebellion triggers a sequence of dramatic events surrounding hers and Creon's unbending stances. But it is Antigone's courage, bravery and faith in love that touches us the most. After all, as her own sister conformingly tells her, 'You ought to realize we are only women, not meant in nature to fight against men'. 


Antigone is the second production by iTie - The International Theatre in English, part of the Stichting Theodora Voutsa Productions. Performed by a cast of 30 international artists, it is a multidisciplinary production that pays homage to all the women who once dared to be a girl. 


Directed by: Theodora Voutsa

Adaptation by: Cintia Taylor

Choreography by: Melanja Palitta 





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Caroline guestactor for Nachtgasten London

From september 22 until september 24, the well known and well respected theatre company Nachtgasten will have their London debut in the Space Theatre, South London. On september 23, Caroline will be one of the guest actors during their show in the Space Theatre. 

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Under her spell: 48 hour film project Rotterdam

During the 48 hfp in Rotterdam Caroline participated with Team Feut, which resulted in the short film 'Under her Spell'. 

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MIK at Amsterdam Fringe Festival

After the Cafe Theatre Festival in Utrecht, and Georgie's Wundergarten at Ruigoord, Theatregroup MIK will now perform in the Fijnhout Theatre, as part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 

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MIK goes to Ruigoord!

Theatergroep MIK on tour! Our next show will be on Georgie's Wundergarten @ Ruigoord! The very popular music and theatre festival near Amsterdam.


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Le Canape Fleuri geselecteerd voor Cannes

De korte film 'Le Canape Fleuri' waarin Caroline een van de hoofdrollen speelt, is geselecteerd voor de Short Film Corner tijdens het Film Festival in Cannes 2015. Deze film werd in 48 uur gemaakt als onderdeel van het 48 hour film project in Rotterdam, 2014. 

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Theatergroep MIK op het Café Theater Festival

Afgelopen weekend speelde Caroline met theatergroep MIK vijf keer de voorstelling 'Factor 30', als onderdeel van het Café Theater Festival in Utrecht. Het was een fantastisch weekend en de reacties van het publiek waren overweldigend. 

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